School Visits

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Visiting with students is always inspirational. They are eager, alert, and full of the best questions about reading and writing. They readily share what they appreciate about my books and what they’d like to see in future titles. I return home motivated to write more and better because of our discussions.

I will gladly come to your school as a visiting author and offer 4 or 5 group presentations which will be tailored to the age and interests of the students before me. No two grade levels see or hear the same thing as another.

Or I can work with students as a writer-in-residence. These sessions are packed with mini-lessons and the students and I write side-by-side, discussing choices and process.

“Lola kept students engaged by adapting her presentations to each grade level and sharing the stories behind the stories.”


“Lola’s was the best author visit we’ve ever had. It was worth every penny and I hope to have her back. Both teachers and students were spellbound by her presentation and we learned a ton!”


“As a former teacher, she understands what it takes to hold the attention of students and teachers - even at the end of the school year!”

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“A captivating, engaging demeanor made her presentations very exciting for everyone in each session, from the youngest to the more seasoned book lovers!”


“I heartily recommend Lola Schaefer as a visiting author. She gave four different presentations, each geared to the age of the students. She was able to combine her background as a researcher, storyteller, writer, and teacher to offer programs that were instructive as well as spellbinding. The students loved her.”


“Lola made me look like a hero for inviting her to our school. Teachers can be a tough crowd and ours raved about her. The kids couldn’t get enough of Miss Lola or her books.”

Long-Distance Author Conversations

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 When SKYPE first appeared as an option for author visits, I was skeptical. I couldn’t imagine that working with students long-distance could be effective. I was wrong. Over the past few years I have worked with classrooms of students in Australia, India, Central America, and, of course, throughout the United States. We typically video chat back-and-forth for 30-60 minutes. I make our time together as interactive as possible.


“That was the most wonderful Skype Education session! Lola’s vibrancy and passion for writing was obvious and it truly rubbed off on the kids who were glowing with excitement for the rest of the morning.”

“It was awesome! I was really impressed with how Lola had the students’ attention right from the beginning.”

“From the moment we connected over Skype we were all engaged in the session. Lola’s passion for reading, writing, and her affection for the students were captivating.”

honoraria and Expenses

I do request an honorarium for my time in schools. The amount varies depending on location. If I need to stay in a hotel the evening before my visit, I do ask for mileage and reimbursement for the hotel. When traveling to another state, the school would provide honorarium, hotel, plus all travel expenses (flight, rental car, and parking).