Picture Book Workshop In Maryland

Two weeks ago I met with seven writers at this Bed and Breakfast near Ellicott

City. For 48 intense hours, we worked on the craft of picture books. Sometimes we

read works-in-progress, celebrating strengths and suggesting improvements. Other

times we studied award-winning picture books and listed what the author and

illustrator did to make their or story or concept rise above others. And, of course,

we worked on word choice, pacing, voice, research for nonfiction, details,

characters, and plotting. From 9 AM through 9 PM, the ideas flowed. Seven

women from seven backgrounds with seven unique stories to tell. It was truly an

experience that I’ll never forget.


In this particular case, I traveled to them. Five of the writers were from Maryland

and rather than pay expenses to come to me, they chose to pay my expenses for me

to visit their state. But we also had a writer who drove down from NYC and

another who flew in from Seattle. We ate, wrote, listened, commented, revised,

and acknowledged that writing well is difficult, but also satisfying and joyful.

Here are a few quotes from the workshop:

“Lola presents extensive information on the craft of picture book writing.”

“Thorough and thought provoking!”

 “Lola’s workshop was a whirlwind of camaraderie, intensive work, writing insights, practice, reflection and mentoring.”

“I came away from Lola’s writing workshop with plenty of notes, tips, and ideas for new manuscripts.”

“Lola provides honest critiques, excellent instruction and valuable advice for a picture book writer!” 


Lola Schaefer