References and Testimonials

  • "What a personal experience in a truly breathtaking environment. Lola is a great teacher; I learned so much in just three days. Her energy, enthusiasm, and encouragement has motivated me to continue to hone my skills as a children’s picture book writer."
    Donna Wallace

  • "I recently attended a wonderful, and truly intense, picture book writing workshop at Amicalola Falls State Park with Lola Schaefer. After three days of studying award winning picture books, writing, and revising, I left with a completed manuscript. Over the years, I have participated in many picture book workshops, but this was the best."
    Kathy Hurni Dove

  • I am leaving Lola’s workshop with loads of valuable information about the craft of writing for children, tools to take home and practice, and a clear understanding of the publishing process.
    Kristen Reittenbach

  • Inspiring, truthful, and practical information presented by a warm and informative author.
    Jamie Howell

  • A great workshop! Just like a great book, you want to experience Lola’s enthusiasm over and over!
    Lisa Cooper

  • The workshop gave me a lot of excellent information in a very concise way.
    Diana Baker

  • I learned so much at Lola’s workshop.
    Lisa L Pruitt

  • Lola’s guidance and knowledge inspired me to want to take my writing to the next level. Her workshop is a wonderful, nurturing place to explore who you are as a writer. It’s an incredible experience!
    Tracy Walker

  • Intense . . . productive . . . valuable.
    Cheryl Daniels

  • "Inspiration, encouragement and help with every aspect of writing flow effortlessly from Lola. She is as enthusiastic about our writing as her own! Her workshop is an incredible, life-changing opportunity!"
    - a primary school teacher

  • "I am 59 years old and although I have worked around children for the past 20 years as an admission director for an independent elementary school, I have never had any formal children's education, nor written anything for anyone to read, other than family and friends' letters. The July, 2008 Children's Book Writing Workshop led by Lola Schaefer was the most gratifying, informative, productive experience I have ever had. Mrs. Schaefer shared a wealth of information and guided aspiring writers patiently through the process from beginning to end. The workshop was invaluable both from an informational standpoint and a practical one."

  • Lola’s Picture Book workshop was an extraordinary weekend. Working through the steps, from developing a character to finding a story, gave me the tools and the confidence to begin my own picture book adventures.

    Doraine Bennett

  • "I began the weekend a neophyte in the world of picture book writing. I ended the weekend a confident and inspired writer. "

    Molly O’Brien
    Library Media Specialist
    Atlanta, Georgia

  • "Lola's workshop was an amazing experience!  In such a nurturing and focused environment, I feel like my writing and understanding of the writing process grew and developed greatly.  Lola is an exceptional instructor!"

    Dawsonville, GA

  • "This workshop brought me out of my isolated imaginary world of writing and into the realm of crafting a perfect piece. The writing exercises opened up a whole new way to look at the art of language. Critique from the other participants was respectful and reflective. The whole weekend was like a breath of fresh air that rejuvenated my love for the written word. It was the best money I have spent in a long time."

    Michelle Gunnin
    Cleveland, Ga 30528