Lola Schaefer is a children's book author

I love visiting schools. Working with students is always inspirational. I return home motivated to write more and better because I see the impact of my books. Besides, children are at the center of everything I do professionally.

Working with teachers renews my faith in the educational system. They are constantly reaching out for stronger strategies to teach writing. They know that students have much to say, but they want more tools to help them say it.

If you are interested in scheduling any of these visits, please contact Lola.

SKYPE Conversations

You can now meet with Lola through SKYPE. 
Professional Development!   Classroom Discussions!     Book Readings with Q & A!

Lola is more than happy to design 30 or 60 minute interactions that meet your needs.  To chat about pricing and content, contact Lola by clicking here.

“From the moment we connected over Skype we were all engaged in the session. Mrs. Schaefer’s passion for reading, writing, and her affection for the students was captivating. The subject matter for our session was the nonfiction book ARROWHAWK. She shared the factual knowledge and the journey of Arrowhawk like a narrative, all the while encouraging student participation. We can’t wait to invite Mrs. Schaefer back to our school!
- Laurie Pitcher, Independence Public School District, Missouri

It was awesome! I was really impressed with how you had their attention right from the beginning. The lesson you taught was very valuable. I’m sure the students will not forget the information anytime soon.
- Lana Meyers, Grade 5/6
Coronation Park Community School, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

That was the most wonderful Skype Education session! Your vibrancy and passion for writing was obvious, it truly rubbed off on the kids who were glowing with excitement for the rest of the morning.
- Brett Herskope, Grade 3 Teacher
Huntingdale Bilingual Primary School, Melbourne, Australia

Author Visits

I speak with students, writer–to-writer, celebrating authorship of their very own books. During these full day visits, I am more than happy to work with children of all grades, K-8.

During an author visit I offer 3-5 one hour programs to students, sign books and lunch with 8-10 students who have a special interest in writing.

Author in Residence

I work with smaller groups of children, discussing ideas, sharing strategies, writing side-by-side, demonstrating revision. Author-in-residence visits are typically 2-5 days.

Writing Instruction

Often I am asked to come to schools and offer classroom demonstration writing lessons. During these 2-4 day sessions, I model thinking and writing in front of the students and they all create an original piece of writing at their desks. We work through idea, focus, pre-writing, draft, and sometimes revision. I embed several mini-lessons in my modeling. We stop and celebrate one another’s successes during the process. After the demonstration lesson, I meet with the teachers to discuss their observations and next steps.

Conferences and Literary Events

I am a frequent presenter at conferences and literary events. I am happy to offer a keynote, as well as two one hour workshops and a signing.