A Great Nonfiction Book

September 21, 2013
Lola Schaefer is a children's book author

I just read HOW BIG WERE DINOSAURS? last night and was instantly charmed. This is a perfect nonfiction book for all those children who love dinosaurs, and those who want to know more. Each spread is devoted to a different kind of dinosaur and its size. The author/illustrator does a great job with kid-friendly comparisons that truly paint a clear picture in the reader's mind, from "no bigger than a baby rhinoceros" to claws "longer than a man's arm" to
"9-inch long teeth." The melding of text and illustration leaves no guess work. The reader can see and almost feel the presence of these ancient creatures. The backmatter adds more information about how scientists have been able to learn all of this information, plus a great pull-out chart that shows the size of each dinosaur mentioned against that of the others.

Right away I imagined how teachers would expand on this text by encouraging students to create their own comparisons and art for the size of present-day animals and plants. What a wonderful blend of measurement, math, and content!