• “Irresistible . . . sure to enthrall animal lovers.”

    Fall, 2017 on Hidden Dangers

  • “For the youngest readers and listeners, this is a simple but attractive introduction to nature’s life cycles.”

    School Library Journal
    Fall, 2016 on Because Of An Acorn

  • “Through simple sentence structure, Schaefer highlights the action, with the verbs taking center stage and providing lots of opportunity for fun, interactive vocabulary lessons. The watercolor and acrylic artwork is full of movement and humor, as creatures leap across the page or hide in the background, their eyes always on their enemy.”

    School Library Journal
    February, 2016 on Run For Your Life!

  • “The sounds of the swamp come alive in this look at the creatures that live and feed there.”

    School Library Journal
    April, 2014 on SWAMP CHOMP

  • “A colorful addition to classroom units on swamp ecology, food chains, and predation.”

    April, 2014 on SWAMP CHOMP

  • “In this sequel to their excellent new-baby story, One Special Day (2012), Schaefer and Meserve depict a growing sibling bond between big brother Spencer and little sister Mia.”

    Starred review
    Kirkus Reviews
    January, 2014 on ONE BUSY DAY

  • “For jilted siblings, it’s an inviting reminder of their ability to make their own fun.”

    Publishers Weekly
    January, 2014 on ONE BUSY DAY

  • “This sweet tale hits all the right notes.”

    School Library Journal
    February, 2014 on ONE BUSY DAY

  • “The action verb-animal combination begs for dramatic play. Share this with a creative science or P.E. teacher . . .”
    November/December 2014 Issue of Library Media Connection on Swamp Chomp

  • “It’s pleasantly refreshing to see a sibling book in which the left-out sib cheerfully musters her own resources for entertainment, and the happy resolution between the kids comes about in a natural and non-preachy way.”

    The April, 2014 issue of BCCB on One Busy Day

  • “Concepts of counting and quantity are cleverly examined.”

    The Horn Book Magazine
    Jan/Feb, 2014 on LIFETIME

  • “As intriguing as it is gorgeous.”

    Starred Review
    Publishers Weekly
    September, 2013 on Lifetime

  • “Fills a clever niche for both animal science and mathematics.”

    September, 2013 on LIFETIME

  • “Useful for… integrating literature into math instruction.”
    School Library Journal
    October, 2013 on Lifetime

  • “With a simple interactive text and thoroughly engaging illustrations, this book is a perfect blending of words and pictures.” “A special book for the special day.”
    School Library Journal, STARRED REVIEW
    February, 2012 on ONE SPECIAL DAY

  • “One would be right to question whether it’s possible to create a wholly original new-baby picture book, but Schaefer’s device of making the title part animal story, part sibling tale is a winning one.” “ . . . the tone effortlessly slides from raucous and rebellious to quiet and awe-filled with nary a hitch.”
    January, 2012 on ONE SPECIAL DAY

  • “With its feline star, school theme and mild suspense, this is another solid addition to early-reader collections.”
    June, 2012 on MITTENS AT SCHOOL

  • Each page of this beginning reader has one or two simple sentences and a large, uncluttered illustration that enhances the quiet tone of this story. Hartung's soft-focus watercolors will make children want to touch Mittens's fur and hold him. Youngsters will enjoy this humorous tale.

    School Library Journal
    September, 2012 on MITTENS AT SCHOOL

  • With one or two easy sentences in large print per page, this charming story is one that beginning readers will enjoy again and again, and the warm illustrations carry the sweet and playful storyline to its surprising ending.

    School Library Journal
    February, 2012 on Mittens, Where is Max

  • Schaefer (Just One Bite) wisely invites audience participation by never identifying the animals that complete Spencer’s many similes, letting images of the creatures provide the answers, rebus-style. Meserve’s (Can Anybody Hear Me?) bold digital drawings are a big plus: she gives Spencer an energetic, devil-may-care intensity that will feel instantly familiar to both kids and parents, and Spencer’s expansive, slightly wild backyard, with its climbing trees, meadow, and mud hole, will be the envy of all ages.

    Publisher’s Weekly
    March, 2012 on One Special Day

  • In a market glutted with books for newbie brothers and sisters, this is one that stands apart.

    January, 2012 on One Special Day

  • ". . . this book is a perfect blending of words and pictures. Large spreads have a sunny quality and are filled with creatures large and small. The final images of this loving family will melt readers’ hearts. A special book for the special day."

    Starred review, School Library Journal
    February, 2012 on One Special Day

  • “All bites of food are not created equal. In this bold, oversized picture book, readers will see—at actual size—how much tasty giant squid a sperm whale can eat in one gulp (look at the tentacles in that fold-out!) and how much dirt a worm can eat at once, too, which is not very much at all. Nine other animals and their eating habits are illustrated, from a bear licking a pawful of honey to a Komodo dragon crunching a snake, cloudy-white drool dripping from its powerful jaws. The terrific, artfully composed brush, crayon and computer-aided artwork is lavish, the perspectives dramatically up-close … And for dessert? Eleven vivaciously crafted paragraphs about each animal make the whole smorgasbord quite satisfying indeed.”

    Starred Review from Kirkus, September 2010 on Just One Bite.

  • “An expert blend of art and science …”

    Publisher’s Weekly, October, 2010
    on Just One Bite

  • “Atteberry’s digitally rendered illustrations are bright and cheerfully frightening with lots of smiling faces. They perfectly support Schaefer’s amusing text.”

    School Library Journal
    October 1, 2010
    on Frankie Stein Starts School

  • Attractive, colorful, and impressively big.

    School Library Journal
    October 2010 on Just One Bite

  • “The beautiful physical immediacy of the new pet story will draw emergent readers to this small My First title in the I Can Read series… Preschoolers will enjoy the realism of the kitten’s story as they recognize from their own experience how it feels to be a small creature in a giant world.”

    –Booklist, April 15, 2006
    on Mittens

  • "This amusing guide to good manners features earnest cartoon animals whose habits leave something to be desired. Flaps show the animals in bad form and a turn of the flap reveals the preferred alternative. Kids will delight in the details of the animals’ bad manners."
    -Publishers Weekly, May 2009
    on Please Pass the Manners

  • “The author skillfully integrates short exclamations and animal sounds into the text, moving the story along and adding sensory details within the early-reader format. Hartung's soft-focus watercolor illustrations imbue the appealing kitten and the big (but friendly) dog with a perky sweetness that will charm the youngest readers.”
    Kirkus, spring 2008
    on What's That, Mittens?

  • “This title would be good for easy-reader collections and could be used in toddler storytimes.”
    –School Library Journal
    on Mittens

  • “Schaefer’s necessarily brief text is crisp and cogent, integrating dialogue in an accessible manner for new readers… a sweet, sturdy addition to the growing array of very first readers.”
    on Mittens